More codes and datasets are also made available at GitHub.


Click the algorithm name below to download the code.

  • DevNet in KDD 2019: weakly-supervised deep anomaly detection

  • REPEN in KDD 2018: representation learning for high-dimensional outlier detection

  • CINFO in AAAI 2018: sequential ensembles for outlier detection in high-dimensional numeric data

  • HOUR in IJCAI 2017: simultaneous feature selection and outlier detection

  • POP in CIKM 2017: outlier detection in high-dimensional categorical data

  • DSFS in ICDM 2016: subgraph mining-based feature selection for outlier detection

  • CBRW in IJCAI 2016 and its extension SDRW in DMKD journal: biased random walks-based outlier detection for categorical data

  • ZERO++ in JAIR: zero appearance-based outlier detection for categorical data